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Using a VPN to play poker online

Poker VPN – There was once a time when online poker was a global community, it was easy to play with other players across the globe when Party Poker was running the online poker world in the early 2000’s. Then poker had its “Black Friday” on April 15th, 2011 and the world of online poker changed for good. Since then, and not having America in the global playing pool has affected the liquidity in the online poker industry.

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Furthermore, there has been increased regional restrictions and limitations applied across most of Europe and Australia. Very recently, 1st July, 2021, Germany has also introduced new gambling regulation online, which limits your monthly deposits on gambling websites to €1,000 EURO, applied a €1 EURO max spin on slots and also applied additional taxes.

The increasing regulations and taxes are pushing some operators offline, and some poker players are moving their business elsewhere with the use of VPN’s and gambling in unregulated markets.

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For many people, online poker is a profession, and with the additional costs and availability of games, a poker VPN is an ideal solution to this problem. At we compare the best VPN deals, the cheapest VPN deals, and give details on number of servers, number of countries available and other aspects including a breakdown of your monthly costs. There are some poker sites that allow VPN’s to play on their poker rooms.

Are you are a poker player wanting a budget Poker VPN?

Be sure to check out VPN comparison table and you will be spoiled for choice.

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